NMIX 4110 Portfolio.

Mikayla Morris


Projects I completed in this course:

Screenshot of project 1
Project 1: Artisanal hand-crafted small-batch locally-sourced bespoke wesite

A hand-coded website with three linked pages each with at least one image and writing.

Project 1 Reflection
Screenshot of project 2
Project 2: Bootstrap Triptych

A three-paneled look at the same subject created with Bootstrap components, a Bootstrap theme, and custom CSS.

Project 2 Reflection
Screenshot of project 3 news
Project 3: WordPress Variety Pack

A news site created on WordPress.

News Reflection
Screenshot of project 3 commerce site
Project 3: WordPress Variety Pack

An e-commerce site created on WordPress.

E-Commerce Reflection
Screenshot of project 4
Project 4: JavaScript Arcade

Three JavaScipt challenges created using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Project 4 Reflection
Screenshot of my final project
Final Project

A freelance project that showcases multiple skills and technologies learned throughout the semester.

Final Project