New Media Certificate Summary:

My journey in the New Media certificate thus far has taught me so many things I never thought I would accomplish. I have developed various skills that I will take into my future career endeavors. I never thought I would be able to code or develop a website, let alone hand-code and design multiple websites. The courses I have taken so far have allowed me to expand my creativity and knowledge of computer processes. While at times, I found certain aspects extremely difficult to figure out, I always managed to emerge out of a new lesson with an added skill I did not possess before. These certificate courses have proven to be very useful and practical for what I hope to do in my future after graduating and completing the New Media certificate.

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NMIX 4110-New Media Production Course Summary:

This was my first course as a certificate student and it pushed my boundaries in multiple ways. I learned how to code using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, and JavaScript. Following the lessons in Free Code Camp helped tremendously when I was trying to add unique, interactive, and practical elements to each of my websites. The skills I gained from taking this course include coding, increased understanding of website development, and design. I entered into this course with little to no knowledge of coding processes and have emerged with 6 completed websites. Each project I completed increased in difficulty, but I grew more and more proud of my projects as the semester went on. The dedication and patience needed to create each project is a skill I will take with me through the rest of my life and my future career. I am excited to see where these new skills will take me and hope to keep growing my knowledge and experience with coding and website development.

NMIX 4220-Digital Brown Bag Course Summary:

I went into Digital Brown Bag not really knowing what to expect. It was a weekly seminar where a new speaker would come every week. The speakers would touch on topics related to new media technology, work life, freelancing, agencies, and much more. It was very cool to learn about jobs I had never thought about before. The speakers helped me to understand what to expect and also what to demand from my future employer. During this course, I completed three professional development assignments. These assignments were intended to help grow our skills and understanding of ourselves professionally. I chose to do the personality test and reflection, credit score analysis, and Google AdWord Certification. Through these activities, I learned my personaloity type (INFP), learned how to understand my credit score, and gained a professional certification to put on my resume and LinkedIn. The skills and knowledge I learned in Digital Brown Bag are some that I will carry into my future professional life.