Ciné Grows Event Space for More Live Performances

ATHENS (Ga.), May 1, 2021 – Exciting things are in the works for everyone’s favorite local arthouse theater, Ciné. They have begun renovations to their event space to accommodate more live performances. These expansions include a bigger sound stage, new equipment and sound insulation panels to give musicians a better performing experience.  

While Ciné is primarily a movie theater, they have booked live performances in the past. Updating their current event space and increasing bookings has become a major priority for this year. This expansion will not only hopefully entice more artists to perform, but also attract larger audiences to Athens.   

“We are focused on making Ciné a great and inspirational place where talented musicians will want to play,” said Pamela Kohn, executive director of Ciné. “Booking more diverse shows gives us another way to enrich and bring together our supportive community. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”  

Ciné hopes to see more local and national artists coming through Athens because of this new space. Concentrating on their event space will create yet another environment where the Athens community can gather and support small artists. 

For more information on Ciné’s renovation plans and expected timeline, please visit  

About Ciné 

Ciné is the only independently operated, nonprofit art house theatre in downtown Athens, Georgia. Equipped with two cinemas, a full bar and an event space, Ciné shows new release feature films as well as indie films. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Ciné seeks to enrich, inspire and educate the local community through film and the arts. For more information, visit and follow @cineathens on Instagram. 


Writer’s Note: I wrote this press release for my final project for ADPR 5920: Public Relations Communication. For this project, I partnered with Ciné, a local business in Athens, Georgia. This press release is a fabricated event that was created for the purpose of the project.